A multilingual, creative sensation, Seumas toured worldwide for over a decade opening shows from Stockholm to Brazil as a performer with the acclaimed off-Broadway production,


This Boston born actor, drummer, father and peripatetic poet has rocked out to stadiums across 3 continents and recently wrapped a lead for NETFLIX / KUNDSCHAFTER FILM in the OCTOBER 2021 release of  


Seumas can be seen alongside Dominic Cooper in AMC's SPYCITYDome Karukoski's award winning biopic, TOM OF FINLAND, premiering at Tribeca Film Festival and Finland's 2018 selection for the 89th Academy Awards. He can also be seen as Mark Goldsmith in Dutch director Maria Peters'  THE CONDUCTOR / DE DIRIGENT, a feature film about Antonia Brico, the first recognized female conductor of a symphony orchestra. 

Seumas is a precision driver, ice hockey player, professional champion pancake baker and busies himself with ongoing commercial, TV, voice, writing and film work. He is currently shooting Munich Match,  a CBS / Amusement Park Film co-production and resides in Berlin, where you might find him in the park swinging across the monkey bars with his kids. Please feel free to contact him here.


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